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In order to provide Users of the System with a personalised and secure experience, SDM requires all Users to authenticate to the System using a unique user ID and password. Once authenticated, all information passed over the Internet between the User and the System is protected by Secure Socket Layer encryption technology. SDM continually reviews its systems and processes to ensure that the System provides the highest practicable level of protection. All information submitted to the System is passed to SDM secure internal servers for processing and the following security measures are in place to ensure its protection:

  • Comprehensive firewalling to shield SDM internal computer systems from external threats
  • System monitoring to identify any unusual activity
  • Data processing and storage facilities sited in secure locations to prevent unauthorised access
  • Data stored and handled at all times in a manner that maintains its confidentiality, integrity and availability.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like further information please contact SDM Information Protection at