Trace and Access

At SDM we use the latest thermal imaging technology to handle ‘trace and access’ work and detect hidden leaks in properties across Glasgow, Edinburgh and central Scotland. This means less cost and disruption for you and less destruction of your building. Using specialist equipment, we can identify and locate the hidden leak quickly, cost effectively, precisely and with minimal disruption – we won’t pull out your kitchen to find a leak.

We can quickly scan large areas to assess what is in fact dry and therefore what is restorable. We can pinpoint areas of water intrusion, locate moisture beneath most surfaces, and document material dryness with accuracy and confidence.

Following our investigation, we will provide a detailed report outlining the cause, damage and the most effective way to repair and reinstate the property. This will enable you to make an informed decision on the best way forward. Our experienced team can also handle any structural drying, building repair and reinstatement work.

Thermal imaging isn’t just for emergencies. Preventative maintenance surveys can identify problems early so you can avoid long-term damage or costly emergency situations. Thermal imaging, for example, is a recognised technique for detecting loose or corroded electrical connections that can result in fire.

For expert trace and access services, contact SDM today.