What is woodworm?

Woodworm refers to the damage caused to timber by wood-boring beetles. The larvae feed on the wood, creating a network of tunnels. Left untreated, timber may be weakened or damaged and become a safety hazard.

How we can help

An experienced SDM surveyor will be able to correctly identify the infestation and recommend the right treatment. The surveyor will identify which species are causing the damage, determine whether the beetles are still active, outline the severity of the infestation and assess the urgency. They will describe the potential treatment costs and alternatives.

Our experienced team can then treat the woodworm by spraying it with insecticide that kills the beetles and larvae. The insecticides are non-flammable, low odour, low hazard and HSE-approved. Heavily infested timbers can be cut away and replaced, where necessary structurally.

For expert woodworm treatment, contact SDM today.