Safety Inspections

Signing off your works

At SDM we take safety seriously. Whether you are renovating or reinstating your property, our experienced team will carry out all the necessary safety inspections and provide you with the relevant certificates. Once your project is complete you can rest assured that your property or business premise is safe and legally compliant and that all your appliances are working efficiently. Our fully certified professional team can sign off your property following repair and reinstatement.

If you are a property investor or manage a residential home or business property, we can provide regular safety checks as part of a maintenance contract.

Gas Safety Inspection

All SDM heating engineers and plumbers are Gas Safe-registered, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. After installing or servicing your gas appliance, our engineers will provide you with a Gas Safety Certificate, which tells you that the appliance is safe and the work meets the safety standards. Our engineers can also give you guidance as to when your appliance need its next service.

Portable Appliance Testing

Renovating or reinstating a building often involves salvaging, replacing or installing new portable appliances. Our team will test your appliances, ensuring they comply with ISO Quality Assurance.

Asbestos sampling, testing and removal

Removal of asbestos is highly specialised and requires expert knowledge. SDM offers a complete asbestos surveying service and our highly trained technicians can safely remove or repair the asbestos from your property. We will inspect the site following the removal work and ensure that it has been carried out correctly and that no further risk to health exists.

Damaged asbestos needs to be repaired or removed and only licensed contractors are allowed to work with asbestos or asbestos containing materials. This is because the site needs to be properly isolated to prevent other areas and people becoming exposed to the fibres.

For expert safety inspections, contact SDM today.