We are the structural monitoring specialists

SDM provide a range of structural services that include precise level and crack monitoring surveys. Based in Glasgow and Edinburgh we are able to provide surveys throughout Scotland and the north of England. All surveys undertaken are carried out in-house by our trained technicians.

Precise level monitoring

Picture of technician performing precise level monitoring survey We undertake precise level monitoring surveys to identify movement or deformation using high accuracy precise digital and electronic levels. Our trained surveyors will calculate and map small changes in Delta height, vertical movement, line levelling, horizontal movements, cut & fill, tracking & monitoring. Both the initial and on-going survey collection information is electronically recorded onto our excel document which includes coloured graphs.

With a track record of designing, specifying, installing and completing job specific monitoring campaigns. SDM will accurately measure and record movement in a large variety of structures and buildings, and confidently advise and liaise with insurers; structural engineers; architects; loss adjusters; surveyors; property managers; and associated geotechnical professionals in order to achieve the best monitoring system to meet requirements.

Crack monitoring

Picture of a technician performing a crack monitoring reading We undertake crack monitoring surveys to assess and monitor the stability and identify any movement in a structure or building. Using high precision professional digital callipers, we are able to measure the distances between multiple datum points, a fixed reference, fixed either side of a structural crack. Our technician will then logs all relevant readings an provide a report. SDM will then re-attend at pre agreed intervals to take additional readings in order to establish any subsequent movement.

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